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About Un Fx

Welcome to United fx

Pulp International Business Ltd United fx based in Egypt, is a reputable financial firm, offering clients access to Foreign Exchange Markets covering major world currencies, Precious Metals, Energy Markets, Stock Indices, and Futures.
United FX the only company in the Middle East, taking white labe systems and agencies and also manage the accounts of the banks and broker  companies in the world.

Who we are

A leader in providing trading services in forex market
we are United Forex Academy and educational companies holding whit label systems and agencies, administration of funds to portfolio management to its customers Defined by obtaining the signatures that we are your choice of several brokerage firms have been selected carefully to multiple characteristics, which is in the interest of the client This expansion is also in our interest as we reap the profit won the investigator only.
We are the only company in the Middle East, which won top awards trading to provide the best solutions for the management of investment funds

Our Goal

We thrive to offer the best financial services to our clients. Our professional team, dealing desk, and support staff is available 24 hours a day to assist you with any inquiries or requests you may have.Provide account management services, to earn a profit satisfactory to discerning customers all over the world We provide all our customers around the world's most powerful recommendations and analysis for trading easy and provide better services to themWe also have a strong team to provide the best technical analysis and indicators to help you achieve your goals with ease.
We also thrive to provide you with the highest level of customer care, technology, accountability, and above all, loyalty, respect and integrity.
With United Fx, client’s best interest is given high priority; and we provide highly professional on-line trading solutions.

Our platform is fast, reliable and secured, providing access to real-time prices and trading with global markets from one integrated account 24 hours a day.

The Trading Platforms

To our continued interest in our customers, we offer you the best trading platforms of the largest global companies - such as Java programs, Web and Flash and Mobile, as well as the famous program Meta Trader:

  1. Easy-to-use platforms.
  2. Fast execution of your trading operations.
  3. Multi-products platforms in which you can trade in forex, energy, metal commodities, and indices from one account.
  4. Real-time prices through advanced charts.
  5. Daily account statement reports.
  6. Advanced charting tools.
  7. Availability of economic indicators.
  8. Usage of trailing stops tool.
  9. Ability to use hedging strategy.
  10. Usage of the Expert Advisor on the MetaTrader.

10 reasons to choose working with United Fx

  1. Wide range of products: spot trading on forex and precious metals, and futures trading on major currencies, precious metals futures, US indices, and futures energies.
  2. Fixed low spreads on foreign currencies and precious metals: down to 1 pip on major currencies.
  3. Islamic accounts with no extra charges and no time limitations for holding open positions.
  4. Flexible leverage: different leverage choices.
  5. Guaranteed fills with no slippage.
  6. Ability to choose the Broker compamies that suit your aspirations and your needs.
  7. Ability to choose the trading platform that suits your needs & expectations. Easy-to-use trading platforms with distinguished features.
  8. Continuous offers and personalized packages including a personal assistant for your account: different accounts types, bonus offers, introducing brokers programs with encouraging rebates, and more!
  9. Various funding methods from our partner : bank wire transfers and credit cards online funding.
  10. Integrated news center with daily fundamental and technical reports updated more than 3 times per day.

Why traders choose UNITED FX

UNITED FX. is considered as the best forex trading solution as we offer

Global Interest Rates

Australia 3.5 %
canada 1 %
japan 0.1 %
swiss 0.25 %
United Kingdom 0.5 %
United States 0.25 %
Europe 0.75 %