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There is no central market and no global regulatory agency responsible for monitoring the activity of the currency markets. Regulation is left to each country, in the United States the Federal Reserve Bank monitors the banking system and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has jurisdiction over all Futures and Forex activity. When trading in the foreign exchange markets, individuals should only trade with a CFTC registered entity, such as our partner. This companies and banks must  registered with the CFTC as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) and is a member of the National Futures Association or ( FSA) or ( FINMA ). This companies and banks accountable to the stringent standards of capital adequacy and financial reporting enforced by the National Futures Association.

What is money laundering?

Criminals have to find a way of making the money they get from their criminal activities “clean”. They try to launder their illicit funds by getting them into the financial system without detection or arousing suspicion. If they can get their funds into the financial system they can then transfer it between different bank accounts or financial products across the world, or use it to buy goods and services. The idea is to make the illicit funds look like they have come from a legitimate source. Criminals try to make it as hard as possible for the authorities to connect the money with its criminal past. The "clean" money is often used to fund further crimes, including acts of terrorism.

Why must I prove my identity to our partner?

Criminals won't use their real name or address to buy financial products or services or open a bank account - it would be too easy to trace the money back to them. So, they use false identities and addresses. They may even try to buy a product or open an account using your identity. This is why financial services firms like our partner have the responsibility to check to make sure they know their customer before they agree to open an account or allow you to buy their financial products or services.

What kind of identification and information do I need to provide to our partner?

You will need to show that you are who you say you are and that you live where you say you live. Additionally you must clearly specify on the customer agreement where your transfer will be coming from (which bank, account number etc.). You must also clearly specify on the customer agreement from which activity your funds originate.

  • An Original certified copy of an ID or passport. (You can obtain certification at public notary or an official governmental authority which usually delivers such certifications).
  • Your photograph and your signature must be clearly visible so that ACM may compare it with the signature on your customer agreement.
  • You must clearly specify on the United Fx customer agreement which bank your transfer will be coming from, your account number and beneficiary name, (the account beneficiary must match the name on your customer agreement, namely: your own. Additionally, any profits and/or original remaining funds you wish to repatriate must go back to the same account number and especially the same beneficiary name, again: your own.

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