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Our recommendation team gains his expert of dealing with the market changes through many years which give them the talent of dealing with the market efficiently.

We separate the recommendation and the management account team to give them the chance to show their ability and do their best without losing their concentration.

We serve our recommendation option by simple different ways either by mail or sms.

The recommendation is also available in three ways to suite all

1 three currencies previously decide by the client.

2 six currencies previously decide by the client

3 all currencies

The recommendation will always be sent at the European and the American period only in some cases it will be sent during the Asian period.

Why traders choose UNITED FX

UNITED FX. is considered as the best forex trading solution as we offer

Global Interest Rates

Australia 3.5 %
canada 1 %
japan 0.1 %
swiss 0.25 %
United Kingdom 0.5 %
United States 0.25 %
Europe 0.75 %