United Fx For Financial services and management of investment portfolios
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This portfolio is designed to suit investors who looking for a good cumulative monthly return  well provide them with their needs and requirements better in the future and the risk in the portfolio is average with protection of invested capital and profits will be invested incrementally, achieving a higher return.
Portfolio Management is a balanced way and changing risk rate according to market conditions and opportunities available and safe access to the farthest extent.
We have a professional team in  Forex markets has experience of more than 13 years in the international market of currencies to manage investment portfolios.

Important statistics :

Cumulative percentage of the profits for the last 6 months is 225%
Average percentage of monthly earnings
The highest monthly profit 75%
The highest monthly loss 12%

The minimum for admission to the package : 25000$
Management fees of 20% per month




Why traders choose UNITED FX

UNITED FX. is considered as the best forex trading solution as we offer

Global Interest Rates

Australia 3.5 %
canada 1 %
japan 0.1 %
swiss 0.25 %
United Kingdom 0.5 %
United States 0.25 %
Europe 0.75 %